Respect for Learning

School is a place to learn and to grow as a person

Carmel is high-achieving academically, thanks to both staff and students who are dedicated to learning and aiming high. To maintain our academic achievements we must remind ourselves of how we have achieved in the first place. This will be by placing the Respect matrix into action. In the classroom we must work together and share ideas and resources, acknoqledge and encourage everyone's contribution, be focused, and make our work original. In shared areas, we should be role models on how to learn, and move around school quietly during class time to stop distractions. As our school is also a BYOD school, we should use our devices appropriatly and in the best way to help us with our learning. Even out of school time we are able to grow in our learning, we should contribute positively, include each other, allow each other to learn, and help each other to reach their potential.