noun : to show regard or consideration for: to someone's rights, to the environment etc. Respect is important within the school community and the wider community. It is important that both teachers and students are aware of the people and areas they are surrounded by, so that they are able to learn to respect them. This website was created for Carmel College, to help students and staff to support and take care of each other and their school environments, which include littering around the school, and making sure that everyone in class is treated fairly. This website will be a platform where both students and staff are able to place their own videos and messages regarding respect for relationships, respect for learning, and the respect for the environment. These are the 3 main respects which will be focused on in this website. Student groups will also be able to apply sources on this website. This will be a basis for all 3 respects. Therefore, this website will continue to develop as students and staff begin to use the website as their platform for sharing ideas and how they have shown respect and how to improve on making Carmel a better place.